1.1 This USER AGREEMENT ("CONTRACT"), ("SITE"), all natural and legal persons and institutions involved in purchasing products ("BUYER") or selling products ("SELLER") on this internet address ( The BUYER and SELLER will be collectively referred to as the USER or USERS below) and the STORE, during the member registration phase. This agreement was made between the USERS and the STORE, during the USERS' approval of the agreement. By approving this agreement, USERS accept and undertake in advance that they have read the entire agreement, fully understood its content, and have accepted and approved all its provisions.

1.2 The STORE has the right to change or amend the AGREEMENT unilaterally, provided that it publishes the changed items with the announcement opportunities on the SITE. All changes become valid 7 days after they are announced through the announcement facilities on the SITE.


2.1 The subject of this USER agreement is the determination of the terms of use and utilization of the services offered on the SITE, and the rights and obligations of the parties.


3.1 To become a member of the SITE, T.C. It is sufficient to be of legal age and to present the requested identity information in full.

3.2 While the USER is using the SITE, T.C. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will act in accordance with the laws and regulations and all the conditions in the user agreement and its annex.

3.3 The USER accepts that all kinds of information and data he keeps on record regarding the information shared on the SITE, his transactions and his actions can be shared by the official authorities when requested by the competent authorities and in cases where he is obliged, and in this case, he cannot claim compensation under any name, declares and undertakes.

3.4 The purchase and sale transactions made on the SITE are carried out directly between the USERS. The SITE does not take part in any stage of the money, product and goods transfer between the USERS. All kinds of legal, financial and administrative responsibilities that may arise due to the said transactions belong to the USERS. By accepting this agreement, USERS agree to these terms.

3.5 The USER is solely responsible for the goods and/or services sold within the scope of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, and that the STORE, the sales contract and/or the service contract or any other legal relationship between the USERS is in any form. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it is not a party with its title and title.

3.6 The USER accepts, declares and undertakes that the STORE is not a seller, supplier, manufacturer, producer, dealer, agency, advertiser, or media organization within the scope of the Law on Consumer Protection No. 4077.

3.7 The USER accepts, declares and undertakes that the STORE can stop the transactions with the SITE without giving any reason and will not claim any rights, receivables or damages from the STORE due to the suspension of the transaction.

3.8 The USER is obliged to keep all kinds of private information such as the user name, password, private key, API key and similar information used to transact on the SITE.

3.9 The USER accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she cannot use any of the services provided by the STORE for the storage and sale of content and/or services contrary to the laws and/or regulations in force.

3.10 The USER states that the copyright of any content, file, visual and digital asset uploaded to the SITE belongs to him and that the STORE may close and/or delete these contents without any warning, upon an application made by the official authorities and/or the copyright owner. , accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not claim any rights, receivables or damages from the STORE as a result

3.11 The USER accepts, declares and undertakes that the contents uploaded to the SITE can be deleted without giving any reason, that the USER is obliged to keep the original copies of these contents and that he will not claim any rights, receivables or damages from the STORE in case he cannot access these assets. .


4.1 The STORE does not make any commitments regarding the accessibility, continuous accessibility and usability of the content, files, information and all kinds of digital assets shared by the USER during its service on the SITE.


5.1 In all cases considered as "force majeure" legally, the SHOP is not liable for late or incomplete fulfillment or failure to fulfill any of its obligations set forth in this User Agreement. This and similar cases may be caused by delay, incomplete fulfillment or failure for the SHOP. The term "force majeure" also includes natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages and bad weather conditions. Including, but not limited to, events beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party and which could not be prevented despite due diligence, shall be interpreted as unavoidable events.


6.1 The Law, laws and regulations of the State of the Republic of Turkey shall be applied in the implementation, interpretation and management of legal relations arising within the provisions of this User Agreement. Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in the settlement of any dispute arising or may arise from this User Agreement.


7.1 This User Agreement will remain in effect as long as the USER is a member of the SITE and will be accepted as a provision between the parties and will continue to have consequences. The STORE has the right to terminate the users' accounts unilaterally in case the Users violate this User Agreement and/or similar rules regarding the usage, membership and services offered on the SITE. In this case, the USERS will be obliged to compensate all the damages incurred by the STORE due to the termination.


8.1 The USER, in case of disputes that may arise from this contract, takes an oath that all kinds of objections to the STORE records stating that the computer records of the STORE will constitute valid, binding, final and exclusive evidence within the meaning of Article 193 of H.C. accepts, declares and undertakes that he waives his right to offer in advance. This agreement, which consists of 8 (eight) articles and the document "APPENDIX-1 Confidentiality Principles Agreement", has been mutually accepted with the electronic consent of the USER APPENDIX1: Security and Privacy Principles Agreement