What are the warranty terms? What situations does it cover?
The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the product and is two (2) Years.
The entire product, including all parts, is under the guarantee of our company.
The invoice of the product you purchased is in the form of a Warranty Certificate.
In case the product fails within the warranty period, the time until the problem is resolved is added to the warranty period. This period cannot exceed 20 working days and starts from the date of notification of the product defect to our company. Consumer's fault notification; It is possible to do so by phone, e-mail, registered letter with return receipt or similar. However, in case of dispute, the burden of proof lies with the consumer.
In the event that the product malfunctions due to material and workmanship faults within the warranty period, spare parts will be sent without any charge under any other name, such as the cost of the replaced part or any other name.

Despite the consumer's right to repair, the product;
Within one year from the date of delivery to the consumer, within the specified warranty period; In the event that it breaks down at least four times or more than six times within the warranty period, as well as these failures make it impossible to benefit from the product,
Exceeding the maximum time required to fix the problem,
If it is determined that the repair of the defect is not possible, the consumer will have the product replaced free of charge, a refund or a refund. may request a price reduction at a defective rate.